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University Centre Shrewsbury Prizes 2019



We have a shared prize in Year 1: Jack Thompson (Medical Genetics) & Jennifer Hollins (Health & Exercise Science)

Year 2: Natalie Bailey (Biochemistry)

Year 3: Max Yates BSc (Hons) Medical Genetics


Max Yates  - Final Year Prize Winner - UCS

"After graduating in September (2019) I am really pleased to receive the Michael Davie Foundation Research Award for the second time, this time in my final year. My time at UCS has been an amazing and unforgettable experience made even more memorable by this award. I think that the award helps motivate students at UCS and teaches them that hard work does pay off and is most definitely recognised in this institution. 

I would like to thank the trustees again who presented the award and I also wish all my peers good luck in the future.

Max Yates

Medical Genetics (BSc hons)"


Natalie Bailey -  Second Year Prize Winner - UCS

Natalie Bailey - "I have always had a keen interest in the life sciences, particularly biochemistry. Receiving this award has been highly encouraging, and only makes me more excited to eventually receive my degree and continue my studies in his field, in whatever form they may take".


Jennifer Hollins - First Year Prize Winner - UCS

Jennifer Hollins - “It is an honour to receive the academic achievement prize from the Michael Davie Research Foundation, and to have benefited in my first year as a student from the wonderful scientific research and educational support that they provide for the university".