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PRESS RELEASE OCTOBER 2018 - Re UCS Life Sciences Awardees

UCS Life Sciences students recognised for their outstanding academic performance - October 2018

Three Life Sciences students at University Centre Shrewsbury (UCS) have been recognised by the Michael Davie Research Foundation for their outstanding academic achievements at the institution.

Miss Molly-Jane Watkins-Fruen Bsc (Hons) of Shrewsbury, a recent graduate in Genetics and Evolution, was awarded the Final Year Prize for achieving the highest marks across all modules studied.  

Mrs Uzmi Nadeem, of Craven Arms, now a third year student studying Medical Genetics, was awarded the Second Year Prize for achievement and Miss Natalie Bailey of Preston, now a second year student studying Biochemistry, was awarded the First Year Prize for achievement. 

Professor Mike Davie presented Natalie, Uzma and Molly-Jane with their Michael Davie Research Foundation Awards for best overall academic achievement in Life Sciences on behalf of the trustees of the Foundation, which is a local biomedical charity that supports research into bone-related conditions.

Prof Davie commented that “it was a great pleasure to award Molly-Jane, Uzma and Natalie with their awards to mark their achievements as the top Life Science students of their years.  University Centre Shrewsbury has obviously filled a need and is attracting very able students, who are responding to the high quality teaching given by this new venture.”

Photo caption: Molly-Jane Watkins-Fruen and Natalie Bailey receiving their awards from Professor Mike Davie and the Trustees of the Michael Davie Research Foundation at University Centre Shrewsbury earlier this week. 

Molly-Jane Watkins-Fruen            Natalie Bailey

Comments by Miss Molly-Jane Watkins-Fruen - December 2018

I chose to study Genetics and Evolution at UCS.  At the time of applying to universities I was looking at biology and geology courses. I had done A levels in both of these subjects and found the DNA parts of biology, and the palaeontology parts of geology the most interesting. The course at UCS combined the two with the genetics lectures and the evolution lectures. 

The MDRF prizes are awarded to the student with the highest overall marks in their academic year. I was lucky enough to receive this award twice; the first in my first year, and the second in my final year of study. I am honoured to have received the award and I am really proud of myself. All of the hard work and stressing over coursework and exams was definitely worth it! And I think the award is a great incentive to encourage students to try their absolute best. I think my degree along with my MDRF awards will help me in the long-term, especially as something to boost my CV. I now work as a Laboratory Technician in Craven Arms, not far from Shrewsbury.

In the future I hope to get into science communication. Currently, I am studying for a masters in Science Communication online and part-time with the university of Edinburgh.