Registered Charity Number 803202


Any organisations who wish to apply for such support should do so by letter addressed to the Chair of the Trustees. All letters seeking support in this way should include the following in no more than 3 sides of A4 :-

1.  Full name and address of the applicant organisation

2.  A statement from the organisation confirming that appropriate indemnity insurance is in place in respect of the activity to be funded and that the        organisation complies with current Health and Safety legislation

3.  Name of contact and details including telephone number and e-mail address of the applicant

4.  A brief CV of applicant with any recent publications and/or awards that may support the application

5.  Background details of the organisation and resources available to assure a successful outcome

Details of the project to include:-

  • -  executive summary
  • -  background
  • -  aims and objectives
  • -  methods 
  • -  outcomes and plan for dissemination
  • -  detailed summary of costs, including details of any employee National Insurance contributions, equipment, consumables etc.
  • -  total cost of the project and level of support requested
  • -  who will benefit from the successful implementation of this project

Providing that the purpose of the application is broadly in line with the objectives of the Foundation as outlined above, then the application will be given full consideration by the Trustees.  The Trustees may request additional details regarding an application. 

The decision of the Trustees is final and no correspondence can be entered into. Should an application be successful the Trustees have no responsibility for any unintended consequences of the outcomes of the project.  The trustees would appreciate a brief resume of the results of the study.   

Although there are no absolute minimum and maximum amounts that the Foundation will consider it would be reasonable for applicants to apply for a minimum award of £3,000 up to a maximum of £20,000 per annum.  Amounts in excess of this will be payable over 2 or more years.

For further information on your eligibility for a grant or scholarship please use our contact form.